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Professional Education in the Modern World

2019 year, number 1


I.V. Iakovleva1,2
1Research Institute of Philosophy of Education, Novosibirsk, the Russian Federation
2Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Novosibirsk, the Russian Federation
Keywords: геополитическое пространство социальных отношений, геофилософия, геофилософия безопасности, геофилософский подход, геополитическая наука и миросистемный анализ, geopolitical space of social relations, geophilosophy, security geophilosophy, geophilo- sophical approach, geopolitical science and world analysis


The paper analyzes the relation between condition and prospects of Russian education development and security based on valuable content. The author makes a case that theoretical basis of security educational space that could be developed by the synthesis of geophilosophical theories based on the concept «geopolitical space of social relations» allows to see the benefits of diverse directions of the modern philosophy of education from the axiological point of view. Methodology and research methods are based on multivectoral methodology: gnosseological (principles of cognition); axiological (principles of educational values) and some branches of philosophical knowledge (philosophy of geopolitics, social philosophy, the world approach, philosophy of education, etc.). All this addresses some of the problems appeared in Russian education and security on the basis of beliefs and a number of organizational and educational measures. The research results show that security of social relations is considered in frames of spatial and -temporal dimension where the author highlights the educational system in terms of loss of autonomy, trim the humanitarian sphere, depending on public educationalpur- poses, etc. For public life and Russian educational space the focus is shifted on the threat of axiological content. The author addresses the social philosophy of basic scientific concepts like geophilosophy, geophilosophy of security, geophilosophical approach, geopolitical science and world analysis. Modernization theory, which ideologically inspired educational reforms, does not meet the macro-and micro-sociological processes in world space of social relations and could not serve as a reliable tool for Russian security educational space. From the loss of their position in the world system of States Russia can save only best value oriented education strategy, which not only central but also the extensive Russian periphery will develop intensively.