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Professional Education in the Modern World

2019 year, number 1


K. G. Kazimov
Academy of labour and social relations, Moscow, Russian Federation
Keywords: субъекты рынка труда, взаимодействие, инновационная среда, теория самоорганизации, теория синергетики, энтропия, entities of labor market, interaction, innovative environment, theory of self-organization, theory of synergetics


The article highlights the problems and the main directions of interaction between professional educational institutions (UPE) and entities of labor market as a necessary condition for improving the quality of training of the staff. The author analyzes the nature, structure and functions of the modern labor market, its requirements to the quality of students» training at educational institutions (UPO), technology of labor market regulation and employment sphere. The article shows the main directions of social partnership in the issues of interaction of UPR with the subjects of the labor market. Specific recommendations on the implementation of the main areas of interaction of vocational education institutions with the subjects of the labor market are highlighted. The author makes conclusion that for successful interaction of the UPR with the subjects of the labor market it is necessary to provide: employment policy measures in the regions of the country on the basis of public administration. Formation of monitoring and forecasting of territorial labor markets as a basis for determining the needs of regional organizations in the labor force, the volume and structure of their training in the UPR and successful employment in the profession (specialty). Analysis of the balance of graduates of the UPR in the areas of their further study and work and justification of the volume and rational structure of training in institutions of secondary vocational education and higher education. Introduction of benchmarking into the activities of employment services by identifying and implementing the highest standards of public services in the field of training of qualified young professionals. The paper reveals that the whole complex of works to determine the needs of the regional economy can provide the following procedure for the formation of the state order for the training of skilled workers and specialists: at the municipal level - interaction through a system of contracts between UPR, employers, employment services to determine the volume and profiles of training of skilled workers and professionals agreed with the district administration (city); at the level of subjects - the interaction of education management, labor and employment, employers «associations, the administration of the subject of the Russian Federation, formed volumes and profiles of training, taking into account the characteristics of the regions are subject to approval by the administration of the subject of the Russian Federation.