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ECO journal (ECOnomics and industrial Engineering)

2019 year, number 1

Early Colonization of Siberia: Meanings and Lessons of History

K.I. Zubkov
Institute of History & Archaeology Ural Branch RAS
Keywords: , , , , , , , «», Siberia, Russia, colony, colonization, agrarian resettlements, Siberian prikaz, development, “frontier”


Based on the analysis of peculiarities of Siberias colonization during the period prior to 1917, the article discusses the issue on colonial status of Siberia, as well as economic and political- administrative factors which gave the birth to the colonial syndrome in its development. Historical analysis allows assertion that the notion colony when used in relation to Siberia isnt quite relevant to the existing, habitual and established, meanings of this term. On the one hand, colonial syndrome should be seen as the inevitable development stage in the life cycle of newly developing territory, on the other hand, it had been conditioned by the deeper reasons of political nature concerned with the so called minimalist approach to managing the Siberian development. In significant part, these problems were the logical consequence of the structural weaknesses of the Russian economy in itself.