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Region: Economics and Sociology

2018 year, number 2


M.A. Lastochkina
Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories, Russian Academy of Sciences, 56A, Gorky st., Vologda, 160014, Russia
Keywords: демографическое благополучие, потенциал детского поколения, модернизационное развитие, регион, индексы, demographic well-being, children's potential, modernization development, region, indices


The article introduces a methodological toolkit for analyzing the current trends of demographic development on complex indicators, which assesses the demographic development of territories in tune with their modernization development level. The demographic well-being of a region is viewed as a combination of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the population expressed in the population's structure, social peculiarities, and mobility. Based on the selected indicators,we propose integral indicators to measure the demographic well-being and children’s potential in Russian regions over the period between 2000 and 2014. An information system «Population and Modernization» was made to automate the calculation. The proposed approach allo^ws presenting multidimensional data as a single variable with computed argu- ments,where different indicators are combined, including all target values, and carrying out analysis in combination with other factors. Indices can be used to develop measures of regional demographic and social policies for making managerial decisions to ensure sustainable demographic development of a territory