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Region: Economics and Sociology

The journal was first issued in 1963. It was published under the title of Bulletin of Siberian Branch of AS USSR: Social Sciences. In 1993, it was registered as an independent scientific publication, Region: Economics and Sociology. The journal is issued on a quarterly basis.

Publisher: Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering (IEIE), Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS)

Founders:  SB RAS,


Executive office of the Interregional Association «Siberian Accord»


V.Ye. Seliverstov, Doctor of Economics, e-mail:

Deputy Editors-in-Chief

T.Yu. Bogomolova, Candidate of Sociology, e-mail:

A.A. Kin, Candidate of Economics, e-mail:

V.I. Suslov, Corresponding Member of the RAS, e-mail:

Executive Editor

Ye.S. Unzhakova, e-mail:

Members of Editorial Board:

J. Bachtler, Professor (UK), N.D. Vavilina, Doctor of Sociology (Russia), V.M. Heyets, Member of the National Academy of Sciences (Ukraine), B.S. Zhikharevich, Doctor of Economics (Russia), V.I. Ivankov, Candidate of Philosophy (Russia), S.V. Kazantsev, Doctor of Economics (Russia), Z.I. Kalugina, Doctor of Sociology (Russia), Ye.A. Kolomak, Doctor of Economics (Russia), V.V. Kuleshov, Member of the RAS (Russia), O.D. Kutsenko, Doctor of Sociology (Ukraine), V.N. Leksin, Doctor of Economics (Russia), P.A. Minakir, Member of the RAS (Russia), N.]N. Mikheeva, Doctor of Economics (Russia), A.S. Novoselov, Doctor of Economics (Russia), B.N. Porfiriev, Corresponding Member of the RAS (Rus­sia), B.G. Saneev, Doctor of Engineering (Russia), S.V. Soboleva, Doctor of Economics (Russia), S.A. Suspitsin, Doctor of Economics (Russia), S. Tabata, Professor (Japan), A.I. Tatarkin, Member of the RAS (Russia), V.V. Titov, Doctor of Economics (Russia), G. White, Professor (Canada), G.A. Untura, Doctor of Economics (Russia), Gy. Horvath, Doctor of Economics (Hungary)

Publisher's address: 17, Ac. Lavrentiev av., Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia E-mail:,