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Professional Education in the Modern World

2016 year, number 1


Ia.S. Turbovskoy
Institute for Strategy and Theory of Education of the Russian Academy of Education, 5/16 Makarenko Str., 105062 Moscow, Russian Federation


To begin with platitudes: journal articles are written for readers. But that being said, it is true, but not all. History as a whole is created not just a "reader", and for the reader, which kazh-dy co-author seeks to raise, discuss, seek solutions to the most abstract not ac-tual and really exciting and demanding personal involvement issues. And I'm holding lead heading into the magazine published for finding a solution to most, perhaps, in a domestic education the main issues - vocational training - initially looking for a very close relationship with readers, and not only on responsiveness to a particular article, but also on direct participation in the op-determination most exciting themes, ideas, productivity, which should be recognized and appreciated by general-tively. And, of course, to identify and theoretical understanding of the experience and the cry of those in the whelping-life decisions in which needs so much of our professional education. Without this continuous co-creation and collaboration, once again, with his heading the reader in his task really can not cope. And so every reader, somehow show their activity and personal interest in the formulation and search of a problem, it will not only be heard, but also fully supported. Naturally, for the leading column wasps melts entitled to their opinion. My first article published in the pages of this magazine №4, concerned problems of development of pedagogical science in general, and the Russian Academy of Education in particular. And though it was not directly related to professional education, raised her questions seem to me important dlyanashih readers, and it is important to know, evaluate kakoni place in pedagogical science education events. Today, perhaps more than Niko-GDS pedagogical science, on which so much depends on the development of domestic and, of course, vocational training needs in each of the competent opinion. The fundamental importance of the issues reflected in this article are manifested in a replica of one of the trainees webinar "Innovative development of national education," science-driver handle which I am. And I think that she will not leave anyone indifferent of you. Besides on-sufficiency I invite everyone to become an active participant in this webinar. And it is with this replica webinar participants raised as a significant issue for national education.