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Professional Education in the Modern World

2016 year, number 1


N.O. Vaganova
Novosibirsk Vocational School of Railway Transport, Novosibirsk, the Russian Federation
Keywords: организация среднего профессионального образования, организация высшего образования, взаимодействие, подготовка специалистов, organization of vocational education, organization of higher education, interaction, training


The paper explorespeculiarities of teaching staff affiliated with different multi-level institutions in the structure of University complex. The author renders university complex as an educational, scientific and industrial space engaged in professional formation of prospective specialists by means of material and intellectual resources. From theoretical part the author analyzed legislation, standards and regulations, compared and generalized theoretical research about teaching staff. From empirical part the paper is concerned with pedagogical observation and exploring the experience of teaching staff at university complex. The research results in peculiarities of teaching staff functioning; it reveals the aims, types and elements of teaching staff at university complex. The author outlines such areas of interaction and cooperation as implementation of planned events in frames of the whole university complex. The scientific novelty of the article assumes an attempt to fill in the gaps in methods of interaction among teaching staff of university complex. The author sees practical significance as organization of interaction among teaching staff of university complex that allows to achieve the goals and provide the quality of training.