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Professional Education in the Modern World

2016 year, number 1


I.G. Borisenko
Siberian Federal University, 79/10 Svobodny Avenue, 660041 Krasnoyarsk
Keywords: информация, информатизация, образование, образовательный процесс, information, informatization, education, educational process


Information aspect of education is increasingly manifests itself as the leading one, and it becomes obvious when considering the role of innovative information. Higher education takes the best form if its entire structure comprises a dynamic equilibrium of such two basic processes as operation and development. Investigation of innovative levels (national level, regional level and local one) is concerned with great importance for realizing innovation trends in modern national education. This also includes of local authorities, teachers, students and parents as subjects of the innovation process. The significance of the information model of education is treated in close relation with education and training. Informatization of education is an instrument for development, modernization and improvement of educational system that corresponds to the information society. The research of functional features of information in education is complicated due to contradictions of development of education. The great majority of contemporary issues related to the formation of the information society are complex ones; they require an interdisciplinary approach in order to be analyzed. The author outlines the necessity to investigate the role of information in formation of new educational models.