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Professional Education in the Modern World

2016 year, number 1


I.V. Ivanov1, E.L. Sorokina2
1Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, 35 Dekabristov Str., 190121 St. Petersburg
2Siberian State University of Railway Transport, 191 D. Kovalchuk Str., 630049 Novosibirsk
Keywords: , , , , , , , humanistic principles, health, motivation, physicality, training, self-development, physical education


The article outlines the structure of lesson activity that correspond to the Federal State Educational Standards of the secondary education. This structure provides the formation of students self-development and arrangement of educational process on the basis of individual age criteria, psychological and physiological features. The innovative model assumes application of a new method of movement activity, which is in contrast to the educational process. The interaction of institutions of further training and secondary institutions solve the problem of healthy lifestyle. The way to the children health is considered to be the goal of the children. Interest to the systematic lessons depends on the programs and their fulfilling the individual needs of students. The author speaks that it is not enough to train for the idea to lead healthy lifestyle; this should be involved in all the spheres of human life and social environment. Physical training is aimed at maintaining and improving of those types of motor activity that are mainly used in human society. The article explores the problem of designing of pedagogical technologies. The authors analyze different approaches to the structural components of pedagogical design and suggest their own structure of pedagogical technology designing of a combined type. This technology is aimed at enrichment of students individual experience. The article represents the authors rendering of the notions a pedagogical technology of combined type, individual experience of a personality and individuality.