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Professional Education in the Modern World

2016 year, number 1


A.V. Zakabunin1, A.V. Feryabkov1, N.A. Baturina2, V.P. Filkin3
1Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University, Balashiha, Moscow region, Russian Federation
2Kindergarten 10, 1 Pobedy Str., Iartsevo, Smolensk region
3Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University, 9 Maya Str., Buikding 6, 607220 Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod region
Keywords: электронное обучение, AgriLib, система дистанционного обучения, дополнительное профессиональное образование, e-learning, AgriLib, Learning Management System, distance educational technologies, further training


The article deals with the Russian universities and main objectives and tasks connected with distance educational technologies and e-learning in supplementary vocational programs.When implementing the program of further training it is necessary to take into account that students are already employed and work according to their profession. The educational process is carried out on the work-based basis. Due to this fact, the educational process meets additional requirements. These are training and methodological support of the students’ independent work, remote access to teaching materials that should be convenient for students, remote online and offline consulting and experienced professionals for conducting lessons. Application of distance learning technologies must be combined with the organization of workshops on the basis of the modern equipment and facilities.Following these factors, the educational process in RSACU is organized as a team work and individual work. The entire training period is divided into two parts: the period of self-study and laboratory exams (LES).Students’ independent work is controlled by means of LMS Moodle. It includes learning, posted training materials, controls, learning outcomes, as well as the interaction between the participants of the educational process. Distance learning is conducted on the individual basis. In addition to the resources of distance learning, the Russian State Agrarian Correspondence University created Interuniversity electronic library system (EBS) “AgriLib”, by combining teaching resources Agrotechnological profile of agricultural universities.