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Professional Education in the Modern World

2016 year, number 1


I.A. Pfanenshtil
Siberian Federal University, 79/10 Svobodny Av., 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
Keywords: глобализация, русский космизм, духовность, человечество, globalization, Russian cosmism, spirituality, mankind


The article explores the problem of globalization in the context of geopolitics. The author examines the transformation of particular geopolitical space in the context of modern globalization processes. He analyzes the “new world order”, claimed by the subjects of globalization. The author argues that the government of the world on the basis of unipolarity is not effective as it leads to multiplication of disasters and sufferings of many nations. The historical development of Russia proves that the spiritual anthropology can not be personalistic only as moral anthropology investigates moral health of the nation and family. Moreover, the unique and the general are interrelated. The author argues that alternative projects of globalization should be based on the primacy of spiritual values that develop fundamental values, in contrast to the unattainable human values; the so-called “globalization of the spirit”. The ideological foundation of the new projects can be, firstly, the idea of how the entire human civilization all humanity achieved sequential or joint development of cultural-historical types of people. Secondly the idea of unity and coevolution with nature, based on the philosophy of Russian cosmism - the phenomenon of global-historical dimension, expressing the spirit of Russian-Russian civilization; spirit, their aspiration for the future, to the disclosure of the meaning of human destiny and human capital opposing spirit, the spirit of market-capitalist civilization.