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Professional Education in the Modern World

2016 year, number 1


V.I. Panarin, V.I. Parshikov, S.I. Chernykh
Novosibirsk state Agrarian University, 149 Nikitina Str., 630039 Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
Keywords: современный вуз, гуманизация образования, гуманитаризация образования, гуманитарная культура, модернизация образования, обновление содержания образования, духовные ценности, парадигма образования, modern institution, humanization of education, humanitarization of education, modernization of education, contents of education, moral values, paradigm of education


Humanization and humanitarization are treated as a necessary condition of renewal of education contents at the modern higher institution as technocratic thinking exhausts the culture. This contradiction makes important the problem of humanization and humanitarization of education in the XX century. Moral human values enhance specialist’s ability to see scientific and technological projects, technology and methodology of technological art. This allows to choose instruments for self-development, keep and develop personal identity and potential. The article explores some aspects of formation of humanitarian culture of a specialist.