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Journal of Mining Sciences

2016 year, number 1

Effect of Contact Conditions on Estimates of Critical Parameters, Elastic Moduli and Failure of Rock Specimens under Compression

Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, pr. Akademika Vernadskogo 4, Simferopol, 295007 Russia
Keywords: сжатие, разрушение, коэффициент контактного трения, параметры предельного состояния, контактные поверхности, зона полного контакта, зона проскальзывания, compression, failure, contact friction coefficient, critical state parameters, contact surface, full contact zone, slide zone


The study is devoted to effect of contact friction on failure, ultimate stress and moduli of elasticity in rock specimens under compression. It is found that dependence of the listed characteristics on friction coefficient is incremental. The author reveals zones of full contact and slide.