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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2015 year, number 6

The part of microorganism aggressive group in the process of ferroconcrete constructions destruction after oil pollution of landscape

L.K. Altunina, L.I. Svarovskaya, I.G. Yashchenko
Institute of Petroleum Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, 3, Academichesky ave., Tomsk, 634021, Russia
Keywords: сoncrete hydraulic structures, bio-corrosion, microorganisms, mapping


The abundance and diversity of aggressive microflora, sampled in the oil-polluted territory of Ust-Balykskoye oilfield near the destroyed transmission towers and taking an active part in corrosion of oilfield equipment and concrete hydraulic structures, have been investigated. The investigations have shown that on the surface of the destroyed towers, in the polluted water and bottom sediments the number of aggressive microorganisms is by 3-5 orders of magnitude higher as compared to the samples from non-polluted area, where transmission towers were in operating condition. Using GIS-technologies we have made a map of Ust-Balykskoye oilfield.