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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2015 year, number 6

Number and mass concentrations of the pollen component of atmospheric aerosol measured near Novosibirsk during blossoming of arboreal plants

V.V. Golovko1, K.P. Koutsenogii1, V.L. Istomin2
1V.V. Voevodsky Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, 3 Institutskaya str., 3, 630090, Novosibirsk, Russia
2Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics of the Siberian Branch of the RAS, 630090, Novosibirsk, 15, Ac. Lavrentieva ave
Keywords: pollen, atmospheric aerosol, number concentration, mass concentration, daily dynamics


A study was made of taxonomic composition, daily average concentrations, and daily dynamics of the content of atmospheric aerosol pollen component in the atmosphere of village Klutchi of the Novosibirsk region. During blossoming of arboreal plants the atmosphere contained the pollen of willow, poplar, birch, maple, pine, and fir-tree. The pollen of other arboreal plants (silver fir, alder, sea-buckthorn), grass (cereals, sedge), and the spores of horsetails was registered occasionally. The main contribution (up to 99%) to the mass concentration of the pollen component was made by the pollen grains of birch and pine. The daily average mass concentrations of pollen in the atmosphere varied from 0.3 to 57.8 mg per 1 m3 of air (in some samples of atmospheric aerosol, up to 85 mg), amounting during the mass blossoming of birch to 57% of the total daily average concentration of atmospheric aerosol.