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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2014 year, number 6

Optimization of the Technological Parameters of Thermal Treatment of Molded Carbon Sorbent

T. N. Matyushenko, O. N. Baklanova, L. G. Pyanova and V. A. Likholobov
Institute of Hydrocarbons Processing, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ul. Neftezаvodskаya 54, Omsk 644040 (Russia)
Keywords: carbon sorbent, carbonization, carbon resporation, activation, medical application materials


The effect of the technological parameters of thermal treatment (carbonization, carbon restoration and activation) of molded extruded carbon on the texture and strength characteristics of final carbon sorbents for medical purposes was studied. Temperature-time parameters of carbon restoration and activation processes providing the formation of molded carbon sorbent shaped as cylinders with the external diameter of 8–10 mm, internal chanel 3–4 mm and the length of 45–60 mm were determined; the specific surface of the sorbent is SBET = 220–320 m2/g, crushing strength Р > 20 kgf/cm2.