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Professional Education in the Modern World

2014 year, number 2


V.N. Nikitenko
Research Institute of Comprehensive Analysis of Regional Problems, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Science
Keywords: higher education, motivation to study, students, academic values, university


The analytical results of a sociological survey of students are reflected in the article.

The purpose of the survey was to reveal students’ attitude to higher education. The most significant sources of students information about the higher education institutions and the motivation for students choice have been identified. At the same time, the dynamics of students attitude towards universities during the period of studying there have been revealed. The conclusions about the possibility of extending the range of values of students in the educational process have been formulated.

Though numerous sources of information about universities exist, the majority of students got this information from their parents, mass media or from other students and their peers.

Dominating motivations and stimuli for the students choice have been identified as “its close to home”, I like of the specialization chosen, according to the advice of relatives and friends, together with the friends entering the university. The majority of students think that they study because they need a diploma of university education, preparation for profession and future career. Extra mural students connect the education with the development of their intellectual horizon.

More than half of the students over the period of their university studies positively change their attitude towards the university education; most of them intend to work according to their qualifications in the future.