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Professional Education in the Modern World

2014 year, number 2


S.A. Terepishchiy
National Drahomanov Pedagogical University
Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: incrementalism, the possibility of incremental strategies, threats of the incremental strategy, the principles of minimizing threats of the incremental strategy


The author analyzes the contradictions of development both within education and science and between them and other social spheres, in particular, the sphere of labor. There are conceptualized the possibilities and threats of the incremental development of education and science. Among the features of the incremental development strategy there are:  predictability of the effects of new policy, regulatedness of the transition procedures to new conditions, sufficiency and adequacy of resources, stability of the system of education and science.

There are substantiated seven principles to minimize the threats of the incremental strategy of education and science: systematic character, adequacy, proactivity, efficiency, personal orientation, adequacy, necessity.

It is shown that the strategy of the incremental development in science and education should be based not on voluntaristic transfer of technical standardization into the sphere of humanities, but on the manifestation of universality of the laws of self-organization. It is shown that standardization of education is just one side of the general phenomenon of incrementalism, which is conceived as a universal law of nature and the self-organization of society.