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The journal "Ateroskleroz"

2012 year, number 2


Yu.P. Nikitin, K.V. Makarenkova, S.K. Malyutina, L.V. Shcherbakova
Keywords: blood lipids, sex and age particularities, population study
Pages: 14-20


Purpose: to analyze population values of the main blood lipid parameters of Novosibirsk inhabitants depending on sex and age. Materials and methods. The materials of the two large international projects called MONIСA and HAPIEЕ was used. According to these projects protocols, representative samples of unorganized population of Novosibirsk were studied. The analysis included data of 11,537 people aged 45-64, 5,445 men and 6,092 women among them. Results. Persons of both sex aged 45-64 had mean values of total cholesterol (TC), non-high density lipoproteins cholesterol (Ch-non-HDL), low density lipoproteins cholesterol (Ch-LDL) of serum equal to 6.05; 4.57; 3.93 mmol/l, respectively. Women aged 45–64 had the above blood parameters higher than men of the same age. Both men and women of 45–54 had higher blood TC, Ch-non-HDL, Ch-LDL levels than the ones aged 55–64, although women had more significant age dependent dynamics of the above blood lipid parameters than men. Blood triglycerides level in women was lower in 45–54 age group than in 55–64 decade; no differences were detected in men of these age groups. Blood triglycerides content in men aged 45–54 was higher, and in 55–64 age group it was lower than in women of the corresponding age. The same data was also received for atherogenic indexes (AI). Conclusion. Mean values of blood TC, Ch-non-HDL, Ch-LDL in population of Novosibirsk aged 45–64 exceed the optimal ones. Values of the above blood lipid parameters are higher in women than in men, and are also higher in senior age group compared to junior one. Whereby age dependent dynamics of atherogenic fractions in women aged 45–64 is more demonstrative than in men. AI in men of 45–54 age group is higher, and in 55–64 age group it is lower than in women of the same age.