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Region: Economics and Sociology

2011 year, number 2

Economic impacts of governmental regulation in the forestry

YU.SH. Blam, T.I. Babenko, L.V. Mashkina, O.V. Yermolaev
Keywords: Forestry Code, customs duties, consequences, priority projects, export, timber processing complex
Pages: 211-222


An official assessment of the quality and volume of the Russian forest resources would promote governmental regulation of the timber processing complex. Even an initial step in such regulation - increased export duties for roundwood - impacted negatively having made the timber harvesting in the Eastern regions unprofitable. However, according to the customs statistics, no export structural changes have been observed. We can state that implementation of the projects which became "priority ones" due to a favourable access to resources may results in the relative overproduction of cellulose and its market difficulties. New timber processing technologies could change the structure of current competitive advantages in the world's timber processing complex.