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Region: Economics and Sociology

2011 year, number 2

Mutual assistance networks in regional communities

YE.V. Reutov, L.V. Kolpina, M.N. Reutova
Keywords: regional community, mutual assistance, social networks, actors of social networks, social resources, effectiveness of social networks
Pages: 137-157


The data of the public opinion poll carried out in the Belgorod Oblast shows a character of mutual assistance networks of the community. Social capital, i.e. informal relationships, is intensively used by the population of this region to solve their different vital problems. Mutual assistance practices are widely spread among relatives and good friends and less - among colleges and neighbours. Social resources of the non-governmental, religious and clannishness' associations are minimally popular with the population. Different labour assistances dominate such mutual assistance networks. The significant shares of psychological and informational support as well as a moneyed assistance are observed.