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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 3

Investigation of the Features of the Composition of Human Bone Tissues

S. A. Lemesheva, O. A. Golovanova, S. V. Turenkov
Keywords: XPA, IR spectroscopy, thermal analysis, mass spectroscopy, bone tissue, biomineral, hydroxyapatite, stoichiometricity
Pages: 327-332


Results of the investigation of bone tissues with the help of XPA, IR spectroscopy, thermal analysis, mass spectrometry are reported. It is shown that the crystal basis of the bone tissue is poorly crystallized nonstoichiometric apatite. It is established for coxarthrosis that the amount of PO43- decreases, while the content of CO32- and the organic component increases, therefore, the degree of crystallinity and the stoichioemtry of bone apatite decrease. The differences between pathogenic and reference samples in the concentrations of manganese, tin, iron, copper and chromium were revealed.