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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2009 year, number 3

Humic Acids of Caustobioliths as the Basis of New Materials for Environmental Protection and Green Construction

I. I. Lishtvan, F. N. Kaputsky, A. M. Abramets, Y. G. Yanuta, G. S. Monich, O. V. Zubetz, V. I. Torgashov, M. A. Belchenko
Keywords: humic acids, humic substances, functional groups, sorption, heavy metals, land-improvement preparations
Pages: 275-281


Results of the investigations of the properties of humic preparations obtained by means of the colloid chemical separation of the salts of humic acids are presented. Substantial differences between the properties of humic preparations isolated in acidic and alkaline media are demonstrated, first of all in changes of the elemental composition of humic preparations, as well as the composition and ratios of functional groups in the molecular structure of these compounds. Results of the determination of sorption activity of the obtained humic preparations for ion sorption from monoionic or binary solutions are reported. The revealed regularities are considered as a basis of the development of a number of new sorption and land-improving materials for nature conservation purposes.