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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2007 year, number 4

Physicochemical Features of Complex Utilization of Solid and Liquid Wastes of Alumina Production

N. V. Golovnykh, V. A. Bychinskiy, I. I. Sepelev, Y. N. Didenkov, K. V. Chudnenko, A. A. Tupitsyn, M. A. Altynnikova
Pages: 417-425


Complex technology of waste utilization of alumina plant, which provides a stepwise going from the stage of statistically controlled accumulation of technogeneous products and impurities to a system of ecologically safety insulation and preservation of wastes, accompanied by the release of products into the processing cycle, is advanced. Starting from the calculated data as the base, this system ensures the highly efficient localization and rendering harmless of the contaminated areas of the hydraulic works by silt deposition based on the highly dispersed SiO2. The complex technological slime processing in accord with flotation-carbonisation scheme together with neutralization of drainage and slime waters within the regime of carbonisation and clarification make it possible to increase the degree of extraction of the alumina and other valuable components, to reduce the consumption of resources, and to have additional valuable products and additives used industrially.