Издательство СО РАН

Издательство СО РАН

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Поиск по журналу

Сибирский экологический журнал

2013 год, номер 5

Soil organic matter dynamics after C3–C4 vegetation change of red soil in Southern, China: Evidence from natural 13C abundance

Q. M. LIU1, Y. L. CAO1, Y. F. HUANG1,2, Y. P. ZHANG1, J. Q. LIN1, J. M. LIN1, L. S. XU1,2
1Institute of Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering College Jimei University, 361021, Xiamen, Chinа
2Institute of Urban Environment Chinese Academy of Sciences, 361021, Xiamen, Chinа
Ключевые слова: red soil, carbon dynamics, soil organic matter (SOM), Оґ13C values
Страницы: 681-688


Soil samples from natural forests and adjacent farmland were analyzed to investigate the dynamics of soil organic matter of red soil in Southern, China. Based on the δ13C values and the content of soil organic matter, the data indicated that the turnover of soil organic matter under the virgin forest was slower than that under cultivation. Soil organic matter is fresh in coarse sand and oldest in fine silt and clay. Also, the soil light fraction contained the younger organic matter than soil heavy fraction and bulk soil. Deforestation has accelerated the decomposition rate of soil organic matter and reduced the proportion of active components in SOM and thus soil fertility.