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Издательство СО РАН

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Гуманитарные науки в Сибири

2003 год, номер 4

Результаты исследования бивербальных конструкций с глаголами бытия в алтайском языке

Тазранова А. Р.
Institute of philology SB RAS, Novosibirsk
Страницы: 93-95


The article is devoted to synthetic forms which appeared on the base of bi-verbal constructions as a results of tightening. The author carries out an analysis of the important structural component of the verbal system of the Altaic language. This component is represented by multifunctional bi-verbal constructions with four auxiliary verbs which apply to LSG of the verbs of a state. Unlimited combination of auxiliary verb tur= and its complete grammaticalization are established. Competition between auxiliary verbs tur= and iat is shown in the field of the present tense. This problem is also investigated on the material of the Turkic languages of Southern Siberia, first of all, such as the Altaic, Shorian, Tuvinian and Khakass ones.