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Поиск по журналу

Химия в интересах устойчивого развития

2007 год, номер 2

Preparation of Coatings by Mechanical Alloying

L. Takacs1 and ГЃ. Revesz1,2
1Department of Physics, University of Maryland,
Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD 21250 (USA)
E-mail: takacs@umbc.edu
2Department of General Physics, Eötvös University,
Budapest, H-1518, P.O.B. 32, Budapest (Hungary)
E-mail: reveszadam@ludens.elte.hu
Страницы: 231-235


Conventional mechanical alloying (MA) is used to process mixtures of powders and generates a product that is also in powder form. MA can also be adapted to the preparation of coatings. For example, if a plate is attached to the wall of the milling container, the impacts by the milling balls activate the surface of the plate, deliver particles from the powder charge and pound them onto or into the surface. The structure and properties of the coating depend on the milling conditions and the properties of the components. In this paper, some aspects essential to the preparation of coatings are discussed. In particular, the importance of the relative hardness of the components is demonstrated by comparing the deposition of aluminium on steel and nickel on aluminium. Mechanical deposition is a promising method that may be utilized to produce a variety of coatings, but its successful application requires detailed understanding and control of the process.