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    [SESS_TIME] => 1718965689
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Поиск по журналу

Химия в интересах устойчивого развития

2006 год, номер 6

Avoiding Mass Transfer Limitations in Carbon Supported Catalysis by Using Carbon Xerogel as Supports

N. Job1, B. Heinrichs1, A. LГ©onard1, J.-F. Colomer2, J. Marien1 and J.-P. Pirard1
1Université de Liége, Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (B6a), B-4000 Liège (Belgium)
2Laboratoire de Résonance Magnétique Nucléaire, Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix, Rue de Bruxelles 61, B-5000 Namur (Belgium)
E-mail: Nathalie.Job@ulg.ac.be


Porous carbon materials with tailored pore texture can be prepared by evaporative drying and pyrolysis of resorcinol-formaldehyde aqueous gels. The pore size is easily controlled by the pH of the precursor solution. These materials, called "carbon xerogels", can be used as catalyst supports, like activated carbons. Since the texture of these materials is adjustable, it is possible to avoid diffusional limitations that are often encountered when a microporous activated carbon is used as support by choosing a support with the appropriate pore size. The meso- or macropore size of carbon xerogels can be enlarged so as to simplify the reactant diffusion, which leads to better catalytic performances.