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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2022 year, number 6

Size and age structure and demographic characteristics of Coregonus sardinella Valenciennes, 1848 of the Khatanga River basin

1Krasnoyarsk Branch of Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (Scientific Research Institute of Ecology of Fishery Reservoirs), Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
3National Research Tomsk State University, Tomsk, Russia
Keywords: Khatanga River, fishery, Coregonus sardinella, age structure, spawning migrations, fecundity


Coregonus sardinella Valenciennes in the Khatanga River basin (Taymyr Peninsula) was considered as a component of ichthyocenosis and was never the subject of special study. As well-known published materials show, Coregonus sardinella in the Khatanga River basin are represented by semi-anadromous, lacustrine and lacustrine-river forms. In this work the features of the size and age structure characteristics, fecundity, migration and fishing in modern conditions of the semi-anadromous form of Coregonus sardinella are analyzed. During the study period (2010-2018) fish with a length of 186 to 364 mm and a mass of 54 to 442 g have been spotted in the spawning stock of semi-anadromous Coregonus sardinella in the Khatanga River basin; an average of 275 mm in length and 163 g in weight at the age of 5+ to 15+ years. Males slightly prevailed over females in numbers (57.3 and 42.7 % respectively). The individual absolute fecundity (IAF) has been shown to vary from 4.6 to 36.7 thousand of eggs, on average 13.4 thousand of eggs, during the period 2010-2018. Individual relative fecundity (IRF) varied from 37.5 to 172 pcs/g of body weight, on average 88.4 pcs/g. The boundaries of the main spawning grounds were clarified, which are located on the section of the Kheta River from its mouth to the mouth of the Boganida River (a tributary of the Kheta River, 414 km from the mouth) and the Khatanga River, 20 km from the confluence of the Kheta and Kotuy rivers.