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Flora and Vegetation of Asian Russia

2022 year, number 1


Y. V. Naumenko1, Ch.D. Nazyn2
1Central Siberian Botanical Garden of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia
2Tuvan State University, Kyzyl, Russia
Keywords: Algae, taxonomic composition, Cyanoprokaryota, Bacillariophyta, Republic of Tyva


For the first time, information is provided about the Ceiba River and its tributary Khon, which carry their waters in the state nature reserve of republican significance “Khutinsky”, located in the spurs of the southern macro slope of the Western Sayan. A list of algae is given, including 89 species and intraspecific taxa, which belong to 51 genera, 28 families, 8 classes and 4 divisions. It has been established that the basis of algoflora consists of diatoms and blue-green algae. Common dominants have been identified for two rivers: Meridion circulare and Diatoma mesodon, D. hiemale and Didymosphenia geminata. An ecological and geographical analysis was carried out, according to which algoflora is represented by benthic species, with a predominance of indifferent forms in relation to halobicity and active reaction of the environment. 72 types of water saprobity indicators were identified in the studied watercourses. The predominance of betamesosaprobionts and oligosaprobionts was noted. Cosmopolitans and Boreal species dominated geographically.