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Region: Economics and Sociology

2022 year, number 1


D.V. Sirotin
Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Keywords: spatial development, electronic manufacturing, microelectronics, advanced production technologies, digitalization, integral indicator, promising economic specializations, localization of production


Electronics is one of the critical industries that have a great impact on the social and economic growth of the industrial areas. The work aims to assess the spatial development of electronic production in the regions of Russia. To achieve this goal, we highlight the main development indicators of the electronic industry and provide the structure of the main types of electronics produced in the regions of Russia. Microelectronics sets the pace for the development of the electronics industry. The lack of indicators for microelectronics growth in the Development Strategy for the Electronic Industry of the Russian Federation until 2030 makes it difficult to assess the effectiveness of its implementation. Our study tests a hypothesis whether it is possible to consider an integral indicator for assessing the localization of integrated electronic circuits production as an end-to-end indicator for the microelectronics spatial development. For this purpose, we have designed an integral indicator against the structural peculiarities of the industry. The feasibility of the applied approach defines the need to take into account both physical and intellectual productions of microcircuits as the primary products of fabless manufacturers. By testing the designed integral indicator under current conditions in Russia, we managed to establish the development levels of microelectronic production located in the federal districts of Russia. The results obtained may be used to draft and adjust state programs and strategies for the development of the Russian electronics industry and the spatial development of Russian regions in general.