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Flora and Vegetation of Asian Russia

2019 year, number 3


E.P. Khramova1, O.V. Chankina2, S.Ya. Syeva3, V.A. Kostikova1
1Central Siberian Botanical Gardens, SB RAS, 630090, Novosibirsk, Zolotodolinskaya str., 101
2Voevodsky Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion, SB RAS, 630090, Novosibirsk, Institutskaya str., 3
3Gorno-Altay Research Institute of Agriculture - Branch of Federal Altai Scientific Centre of Agro-BioTechnologies, 649100, Altai Republic, Maima village, Katunskaya str., 2
Keywords: Dasiphora, Соmarum, Sibireae, Caragana, Myricaria, element composition, the Mountain Altai


Reliable data on the contents of 20 elements in different organs of plants of seven species of the genus Dasiphora , Соmarum , Sibireae , Caragana and Myricaria were obtained for the first time. The highest accumulation of macro- and microelements is typical of the representatives of Caragana of the Fabaceae family. The lowest content was recorded in the stems of Sibireae and Dasiphora ( Rosaceae ), and Myricaria ( Tamaricaceae ). Trace in the stems of Co marum salesovianum is distinguished by an increased accumulation of compared with shrubs, with the exception of Caragana pygmaea subsp. altaica . The amount of elements in leaves and stems of plants - Br, Y, Mo, Nb, Zr, Ti, Rb, Co, Sr, Fe, Ni and V and additionally in stems Mn, Ca, Cr and As varies within a wide range ( С max/ C min > 5), Cr, As, Ca, Zn, Cu, K in leaves and Pb, Zn, K in stems - within a middle range (2.5 ≤ С max/ C min ≤ 5), in leaves of plants Pb, in stems Cu - within small (1.5 ≤ С max/ C min ≤ 2.5) and in leaves of plants Mn with very small ( С max/ C min ≤ 1.5) range.