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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2021 year, number 2


P.P. Rumyantsev
Tomsk State University, 36 Lenin ave., Tomsk, 634050, Russian Federation
Keywords: Siberia, Siberian Gendarme District, XIX-early ХХ centuries, gendarmerie, Gendarmerie Corps, political police, supervision, chief, generals, personnel policy


The article objective is to study the practice of appointing the chief of the Gendarme District in Siberia throughout the history of its existence. The author solves the following tasks: 1) to determine all the chiefs of the Gendarme District in Siberia; 2) to establish reasons and circumstances of choosing certain candidates for the post of Gendarme District chief; 3) to identify the mechanism of appointment and approval for the specified position; 4) to determine the position place of the Gendarme District chief in the service career of persons who occupiedit at different time. The main research sources are the materials of the Central Gendarme Department stored in the State Archives of the Russian Federation, as well as orders for the Gendarme Corps. The main research approach is a comparative historical analysis. The author came to several conclusions. As a total, the post of chief of the Gendarme District in Siberia was held by 10 people (average time of their leadership in the district was about 7 years). Over the nearly 70-year existence of the Gendarme District in Siberia, there were qualitative changes in the practice of appointing its chiefs. At first, the choice of candidates for this position was not great due to the recent creation of the Gendarme Corps. Subsequently, the Corps leadership already had lists of candidates, which led to a careful selection among them. The selection of candidates took into account the general length of service, time of service in the gendarmerie system, professional qualities, as well as individual subjective factors. The selected candidate was proposed to the monarch for approval followed by an order from the Gendarme Corps to appoint the district chief. The post of the chief of the Gendarme District in Siberia was prestigious in the gendarme service as evidenced by responses of those persons, who were suggested to take the gendarme leadership. It was both the peak of their careers, and the last post in the gendarme service for all persons who held the position of the head of the Gendarme District in Siberia.