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Journal of Mining Sciences

2021 year, number 1

Experimental Proof of Applicability of Cyclic and Aliphatic Dithiocarbamate Collectors in Gold-Bearing Sulphide Recovery from Complex Ore

T. N. Matveeva, N. K. Gromova, L. B. Lantsova
Academician Melnikov Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 111020 Russia
Keywords: Gold-bearing sulphides, complex ore, chalcopyrite, arsenopyrite, flotation, adsorption, dithiocarbamates, complexing


The capacity of novel selective dithiocarbamate collectors, namely, morpholine dithiocarbamate (MDTC) and S-cyanoethyl N, N-diethyldithiocarbamate (CEDETC) to form complex compounds with gold on the surface of sulphide minerals containing fine gold under conditions of flotation is experimentally proved. MDTC adsorption at the surface of chalcopyrite without gold takes places due to formation of morpholine dithiocarbamate copper. At chalcopyrite and arsenopyrite containing gold fines, MDTC-Au and CEDETC-Au compounds are formed. MDTC and CEDETC improve floatability of gold-bearing sulphides as against gold-free minerals, which is beneficial for the production of Au-Cu concentrates with lower content of As and Fe by flotation.