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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2020 year, number 6

Efficiency of Metal-Polymer Vibrodamping Coating with a thin Constraining Layer

V. Yu. Kirpichnikov1, A. P. Koshcheev1, A. I. Syatkovskii2
1Krylov State Scientific Center, St. Petersburg, Russia
2Plastpolymer company, St. Petersburg, Russia
Keywords: vibration damping, vibration excitation, constraining coatings, resonant frequencies, viscoelastic laye


This paper presents the results of an experimental study of the efficiency of constrained vibrodamping coatings comprising a thin polymer layer with a very high damping capacity and thin constraining layers of various thickness. Vibration analysis of steel plates with and without a coating on the plate surface was performed. It has been shown that the application of the studied coating significantly reduces the vibration and sound generation in plate elements of structures.