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Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics

2020 year, number 6

Exact Analysis for the Temperature Response in Tumours for Three-Dimensional Heat Transfer during the Therapeutic Time

J. Dutta1,2, B. Kundu1
1Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India
2Department of Mechanical Engineering, MCKV Institute of Engineering, Howrah, India
Keywords: three-dimensional problem, analytical solution, bioheat, regional hyperthermia, dual-phase-lag


This article addresses the formulation of an exact analytical solution of a three-dimensional dual-phase-lag bioheat model in relation to living tissues of human organs subjected to regional hyperthermia treatment. The solution methodology is employed as a finite integral transform in combination with a filtered approach. A renovated initial condition with appropriate boundary conditions is imposed in the present modelling. Isotherms in different cross sections of the physical domain are generated and discussed with different thermal and geometric variables for establishing the exact temperature field. The present research output is compared with the published experimental work. The results show the necessity of a 3D analysis for an accurate prediction of the temperature response in tumour cells.