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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2020 year, number 3


Institute of History of SB RAS, 8, Nikolaev Str., Novosibirsk, 630090, Russian Federation
Keywords: , , -, , , , , Old Believers, Belokrinitsky consent, "Austrians", District Message, polemics, hectograph, Neokruzhniks


The article introduces into scientific circulation an unknown Belokrinitsky (Austrian) polemical essay Brief analysis of Dolgovs letter directed against a radical group of Belokrinitsky consent, whose leaders did not agree with the ideas of the famous District Message, 1862. This conflict brought a new round of a long-term internal controversy among the Austrians Old Believers which caused a new Neokruzhnik consents formation. All this changed the situation in the Beglopopovtsy community as a whole. Discussions touched upon both Belokrinitsky societies, and Siberian communities. Brief analysis of Dolgovs letter is an original Siberian essay written in support of the ideas of the District Message. It was compiled by an experienced polemicist and dated by the early 1900s. The article presents the result of analysis of documentary and narrative sources, which reflected the discussion about the District Message; it concludes that the conflicts basis in Belokrinitsky consent in the early XX century were contradictions in the episcopate, as well as between ordinary community members and its leadership. They covered both dogmatic and ritual disputes, and discussions on such key and politically sensitive issues as the Antichrist origin, time of his coming, permissibility of prayer for reigning persons.