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Journal of Mining Sciences

2020 year, number 4

Study on Process for Recovering Iron Concentrate from Iron-Containing Solid Waste in Mines

F. Gan1, X. Peng1, B. Yang2
1Yunnan Vocational Institute of Energy Technology, Qujing, Yunnan Province, China
2Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
Keywords: твердые отходы горного производства, железосодержащие хвосты обогащения, извлечение железа, подвесной вибрационный конусный концентратор, Mine solid waste, iron-bearing tailings, iron recovery, Hanging Vibrating Cone (HVC) concentrator


In order to recycle valuable elements from solid mine waste, this study took iron-bearing tailings as the research object and involved existing Hanging Vibrating Cone (HVC) concentrator separation technology to explore and determine the most appropriate processing parameters of this equipment for the experiment sample processing. The iron concentrates obtained by the experiment meet the Chinese Steel Industry criterion, within or up to a grade of 61.75 wt. % and the iron element recovery rate of 60.31%. So, a new and feasible way has been found for the reuse of mineral solid waste, which is rich in valuable elements.