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Journal of Mining Sciences

2020 year, number 4

Zirconium and Rare Earths Recovery from Eudialyte Concentrate Leaching Solution

V. A. Chanturia, V. G. Minenko, A. L. Samusev, E. V. Koporulina, M. V. Ryazantseva
Academician Melnikov Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources-IPKON, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: эвдиалитовый концентрат, продуктивный раствор выщелачивания, азотная кислота, разделение, осаждение, цирконий, редкоземельные элементы, Eudialyte concentrate, pregnant solution, nitric acid, separation, deposition, zirconium, rare earth elements


The values of pH, temperature and initial concentrations of valuable components have influence on recovery efficiency of zirconium and rare earth elements (REE) from pregnant solutions of nitric-acid leaching of eudialyte concentrate by the chemical deposition method. Zirconium and rare earths exhibit selective recoverability of 99.95% and 87.50%, respectively. The loss of REE is 8.0% with zirconium product and 4.5% with pregnant solution. Micromorphology, structural chemistry and chemical composition of products are analyzed using the scanning electron microscopy, IR spectroscopy and X-ray fluorescence analysis.