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Journal of Mining Sciences

2020 year, number 4

Parker Sealing-Wellbore Interaction in Hydraulic Fracturing in Coal Seams

S. V. Klishin1, V. I. Klishin2
1Chinakal Institute of Mining, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia
2Institute of Coal, Federal Research Center for Coal and Coal Chemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Kemerovo, 650065 Russia
Keywords: подземная разработка месторождений, дегазация, гидроразрыв, сдвоенный пакер, уплотнитель, герметизатор, скважина, численное моделирование, метод конечных элементов, контактная задача, Undeground mining, gas drainage, hydraulic fracturing, double-sided packer, seal, sealing, well, numerical modeling, finite element method, contact problem


The process flow chart of hydraulic impact on coal and rock mass is examined. The double-sided packer design is presented for the implementation of the chart in uncased wells of large and varied diameters. The laboratory tests of axial displacement of packer seals are described. The DEM-based stress-strain analysis is performed in rock mass in the vicinity of a well subjected to pressure from packer seal. The pressures at the packer seal-well wall interface are calculated.