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Journal of Mining Sciences

2020 year, number 4

Numerical Analysis of No-Darcy Seepage of High-Pressure Gas Produced by Explosion in Deep Closed Geologic Body

Ping Li1, Xin-Zheng Wang2,3, Xiao She3, Wan-Peng Wang3
1Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, Beijing, China
2Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage, Beijing, China
3Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, Xi’an, China
Keywords: подземный камуфлетный взрыв, изолированный газ под высоким давлением, нелинейная фильтрация, породный массив, метод конечных разностей, ламинарная проницаемость, турбулентная проницаемость, Underground closed explosion, closed high-pressure gas, No-Darcy seepage, geological body, finite difference, laminar permeability, turbulent permeability


Based on the analysis of the effect of underground closed explosion on geological bodies, a physical model of underground seepage of closed gas explosion is obtained. The model considers the changes of porosity and permeability due to crushing, fragmentation and fracturing of the surrounding body caused in the underground closed explosion zone. The relationship between the proportional radius and porosity, laminar permeability and turbulent permeability are established, respectively, based on the experimental data. The seepage parameters of different zones are obtained accordingly. The law of the pressure field and velocity field of the gas in the geological body and the law of the migration of the explosive gas in the geological body are analyzed using adimensionless finite difference method.