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Journal of Mining Sciences

2020 year, number 2

Natural Convection in Watered Rock Mass under Artificial Freezing

M. A. Semin1, L. Yu. Levin1, M. S. Zhelnin2, O. A. Plekhov2
1Mining Institute, Ural Branch, Perm, Russia
2Mehaning Institute, Ural Branch, Perm, Russia
Keywords: искусственное замораживание пород, естественная конвекция, пористая среда, фильтрация подземных вод, математическое моделирование, ледопородное ограждение, artificial freezing of rocks, natural convection, porous medium, ground water seepage, mathematical modeling, frozen wall


The authors study theoretically the non-isometric natural convection of pore water in rock mass subjected to freezing. The mathematical model is developed for a permeable water-saturated layer of rocks under artificial freezing. The model approximations allowed transition to a two-dimension axially symmetric model. The numerical computation produces critical Rayleigh number values such that natural convection of pore water has a significant influence on temperature and position of phase transition front. Three possible convection regimes of pore water are determined as function of alternating ability of thermal expansion factor.