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Journal of Mining Sciences

2020 year, number 2

Slope Stability in Open Pit Mines in Clayey Rock Mass

N. F. Nizametdinov, R. F. Nizametdinova, A. A. Nagibin, A. R. Estaeva
Karaganda State Technical University, Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan
Keywords: глинистые породы, устойчивость, уступ, борт, карьер, угол внутреннего трения, сцепление, кора выветривания, массив, коэффициент запаса устойчивости, clayey rocks, stability, bench, pit wall, open pit mine, internal friction angle, cohesion, crust of weathering, rock mass, stability factor


Justification of slope parameters for benches and pit walls in clayey rock mass bases on studies into geological structure and physical and mechanical properties of rocks of various lithological varieties. The upper layers of pit walls occur in weak clayey overburden, in the crust of weathering and in transition zone with conglomerates, up to 150 m in total thickness. In this case, it is required to calculate accurately angles of clayey slopes, to undertake cutback at recommended angles and to eliminate heavy flow of melt water and rain water from ground surface to the slopes. Mining within the design pit wall limits should be accompanied by continuous instrumental monitoring of pit wall slopes.