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Journal of Mining Sciences

2019 year, number 6

Improving the Construction of Mechanized Complexes for Reloading Points while Developing Deep Open Pits

O. O. Shustov1, J. S. Haddad2, A. A. Adamchuk1, V. O. Rastsvietaiev1, O. V. Cherniaiev1
1Dnipro University of Technology, Dnipro. Ukraine
2Al-Balqa Applied University, Amman, Jordan
Keywords: вскрышные породы, перегрузочный пункт, бункер, карьерный самосвал, ленточный конвейер, сквозной и тупиковый проезд, Overburden rocks, reloading point, bunker, dump truck, belt conveyor, drivethrough passing, dead-end loading


Layouts of reloading points in the cyclical-and-continuous technology for deep-level surface mining are analyzed. The innovative structure of a reloading point involving dump trucks drivethrough passing has been proposed; the structure will make it possible to increase reloading point productivity, cut the costs for rock mass extraction, and reduce the time of motor transport maneuvering. Dependence of general funds saving for overburden rock extraction upon the open pit depth while constructing a reloading point with the drivethrough passing comparing to a dead-end unloading of various-capacity dump trucks has been determined.