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Journal of Mining Sciences

2019 year, number 6

Impact of Massive Blasts on Stability of Tectonic Faults

G. G. Kocharyan, V. I. Kulikov, D. V. Pavlov
Institute of Geopshere Dynamics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: массовые взрывы, сейсмический эффект взрыва, техногенные землетрясения, сейсмическая и геодинамическая безопасность горных работ, Massive blasts, blast-induced seismic load, stimulated earthquakes, seismic and geodynamic safety of mining


The measurement data on seismic load parameters induced by massive blasting in surface and underground mines are presented. The maximum amplitude of seismic vibrations at the probable depth of potential sources of high-magnitude stimulated-tectonic earthquakes is calculated. These estimates and their comparison with the precision deformography observations show that residual displacements along faults at seismic depths under the impact of massive blasts in surface mines are not more than dens-hundreds microns. The seismic data demonstrate insufficiency of these impacts for initiation of high-magnitude earthquakes.