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Journal of Mining Sciences

2019 year, number 6

Hillside Failure and Long-Runout Rockslides under Large-Scale Underground Blasting

V. V. Adushkin
Institute of Geopshere Dynamics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Keywords: обрушение, оползень, горный склон, каменная лавина, подземный взрыв, Failure, landslide, hillside, rock avalanche, underground blast


The collected data on long-runout rockslides induced be large-scale underground blasts are presented. The critical conditions of the rockslides are determined as a function of the dynamic impact, rockfall volume, as well as the slope height and gradient. It is shown that the main condition for the mobile rockslides is their volume exceeding 106-108 m3. A collateral effect for rockslides in case of smaller volume of 106-107 m3 is the presence of an acceleration phase at the slope toe and the absence of a counter slope. The relations of the avalanche front range, rockslide volume and failure height are given. It is mentioned that the avalanche range is associated with their composition, in particular, rock-and-ice or rock-and-snow avalanches feature increased mobility starting from their volumes of 105 m3. A brief review of theoretical and modeling studies intended to explain the reduced friction in large avalanches is provided.