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Scientific journal Vestnik NSUEM

2019 year, number 4


P.N. Likhutin, M.A. Alekseev
Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
Keywords: , , , , , , paradigm, polysubjective environment, polysubjects, coordination, adaptation, robust management


The institutionalization of public and private interests forms the framework for the functioning of economic systems and intersystem interactions. The indicated interactions are considered in the paradigm «subject - polysubjective environment. The main mechanisms coordinating economic adaptation interactions are hierarchies and market organizations. The existing theoretical ideas about the economic organization of environments on the basis of an institutional approach to resolving the existing contradiction between public and private encounter a number of problems associated with the insufficient study of issues of group and intergroup interaction in a polysubjective environment and the assessment of the corresponding economic effect. The article considers the development of the concept of robust management based on the universal laws of evolutionary development of economic organizations. Studies are aimed at revealing other forms of economic organization and the evolutionary nature of interactions in the process of transitions from one economic organization to another. The proposed «polysubjects - polysubjective environment paradigm takes into account and reflects the behavior of market participants in intersystem interaction and the emergence of intra- and intergroup reflexive processes, which fundamentally distinguishes it from the existing «subject - polysubjective environment paradigm. Accordingly, problems related to the inaccessibility of confidential information related to the activities of groups, where analysis must be carried out on the basis of publicly available information, require resolution. The necessity of developing a methodological approach to the analysis of group and intergroup interaction in a polysubjective environment and the corresponding methodological tools is substantiated. The evolutionary nature of interactions in the context of a «polysubjects - polysubjective environment is determined by a model aimed at the analytical study of the relationships of a polysubject and a polysubjective environment, based on ideas about robust stability, in the form of specific mathematical dependencies and relationships that are subject to additional analytical research. Within the framework of the model approach, conclusions are expected to be consistent with the empirical facts of the functioning of economic subject - polysubjects in conjunction with a polysubjective environment.