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Scientific journal “Vestnik NSUEM”

2019 year, number 4


E. V. Shevrina1, V. N. Afanasyev2
1Orenburg State Agrarian University, Orenburg, Russian Federation
2Orenburg State University, Orenburg, Russian Federation
Keywords: сельское хозяйство, государственная поддержка сельского хозяйства, структура распределения господдержки, финансовые результаты, эффективность, agriculture, state support of agriculture, structure of distribution of state support, financial results, efficiency


The development of agriculture largely depends on the creation of favorable state economic conditions, including in the form of state support for rural producers. The paper analyzes the results of state support of farmers of the Orenburg region over the past three years. In the Orenburg region, there is a decrease in state support. The downward trend has caused negative performance of agricultural enterprises. State support for the livestock industry has decreased. The experience of previous years has shown the need for public investment in animal husbandry. Crop production in the region absorbs half of public funds. In our opinion, crop production of the Orenburg region copes for a long period without the participation of the state. Due to underfunding of livestock in the region, the third part of agricultural organizations in the region is unprofitable. In 2018, the index of agricultural production decreased by ten percentage points compared to 2017. Research in the work, the structure of public investment, is of scientific interest, and the conclusions drawn are of practical importance for the regulation and management of state support. This is important not only for agriculture in the Orenburg region, but also for agricultural production in other regions of the Russian Federation. The increase in state investments in crop production in the regions of the Russian Federation speaks about the imperfection of land relations. Most of the rural producers work on leased land. Public finances settle with landowners, most often at the helm of state power or criminals.