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Scientific journal Vestnik NSUEM

2019 year, number 4


M.V. Karmanov, O.A. Zolotareva
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation
Keywords: , , , statistics, information wars, statistics in information wars


In the twenty-first century, information wars have become so widespread that it makes no sense to hush up their role in shaping public opinion. Objectively, it is necessary to recognize that the contradictions within any society that arise for a variety of reasons can undermine stability, plunge the state into a zone of «high turbulence with uncertain but clearly negative consequences. Statistics, providing specific digital information, allows you to generate, change, maintain, public opinion, to form a worldview and value orientations. In this regard, it is of great interest to analyze the place and role of statistics in conducting information campaigns aimed at achieving national interests of both individual countries and their unions.