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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2019 year, number 1

Model of solid fuel rocket engine: thermal emission characteristics from a plume calculated with account for temperature and speed non-equilibrium between gas and particle flows

V.A. Kuzmin, I.A. Zagrai, E.I. Maratkanova
Vyatka State University, Kirov, Russia
Keywords: тепловое излучение, гетерогенные продукты сгорания, факел, модельный ракетный двигатель на твердом топливе, скоростная неравновесность, температурная неравновесность, характеристики излучения, степень черноты, вычислительный эксперимент, thermal radiation, heterogeneous combustion products, plume, model solid-fuel rocket engine, speed non-equilibrium, temperature non-equilibrium, emission characteristics, emissivity factor, computational experiment


The paper presents a method for study of thermal emission characteristics from heterogeneous combustion products in a plume of a model solid-fuel rocket engine. Simulation experiments found the influence of speed and temperature types of non-equilibrium on spectral and integral densities of radiation energy flux and emissivity factors. The values of non-equilibrium were determined at different critical nozzle cross sections and at different average sizes of particle. It was found that the speed non-equilibrium has a minor influence within the gas emission bands; meanwhile it is stronger for transparency bands of gas phase. The non-equilibrium in temperature is the main factor in calculating the emission characteristics of the flow, while the speed delay of particles relative the gas flow is manifested stronger at this background.